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$3+ Million Managed

In digital advertising in the last 2 years serving over 15 countries.

$5+ Million Generated

In the last 2 years in ecommerce businesses around the world.

Global Reach & Partners

We have developed a network of partners and contacts globally.

Ecommerce Experience

We have counselled 100 + ecommerce stores globally.

Our customers say...


“To the point, wisely advises. very satisfied.”

Mehmet from Turkey

CEO & Founder at SoundWave

“Very good. He knows what he is talking about, I highly recommend it !! You will be really happy with the expertise provided.”

Sabine from UAE


“It looks like they know what they are talking about, very professional & assertive!”

Essence from the U.S.A

Real Estate Agent

“Awesome! I was nearly a year in business and lost my direction. The suggestions they gave me are outstanding. The healthy and positive critique to know what I need to do and how to proceed and so many bonuses. Highly recommend.”

Natalia from UK

CEO London Office

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