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If you are reading this, wow, it’s a huge surprise for us, thanks. But before we bore you, let us answer a question you may have in your mind, who are these people? Are these guys just another group of gurus who promise us to make us millions and live like rock stars?

First, the answer to your second question is no, we are no gurus nor we are selling castles in the air. Now, back to the point of this, our first article, we want to introduce ourselves to you.


XKale StartUps Team


We are a team comprised of people who have had a life-changing experience by being active players in the startup community. From marketers to financial analysts, we have been involved in the highest levels of entrepreneurship, which means we have studied and learned, sometimes the hard way, what are the do’s and don’ts to increase the chances of succeeding in the entrepreneurship world, something we internally like to call the startuphere.

We offer tools designed specifically for startups

One day, after a long business meeting, we realized most of the entrepreneurs could avoid failing, especially at the early stage of their journey, if they based their actions on strategies that were strictly designed for startups.

At that time, we started researching online and found tons of content. Some of it was targeting established small businesses while other sources were selling the dream of having millions in the bank without considering the quality of the work, the risk involved, and the reason behind starting a business. That’s when we decided, we needed to put together our thousands of hours of experience together to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Educating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Any business needs a mission. This is ours. We believe that in today’s marketplace, anyone who dares to start a new business journey cannot rely on the traditional education system. It’s true, going to college gives you a superficial vision of what you want to achieve in life, however, when you transition from the dreaming phase to the action stage, all that superficial knowledge is basically, useless.

A stressful entrepreneur looking for tools to enhance his business

We want to support new entrepreneurs, using our know-how and hands-on experience in the startup ecosystem, in their struggle to take their vision into a tangible product.

The reason behind this mission is not only the satisfaction we, as startups growers, feel when our clients tell us they reach X goal with our help, but also our strong belief that the future of the humankind resides in our ability to foster, promote and support innovation.

Supporting innovation through validated learning.

When we decided to start XKale Startups, we had a clear mission, a strong vision, and endless motivation. However, we knew we needed to lay out what our services would be; at the end of the day, we were also building our startup.

So we decided to offer two kinds of services. One would be a direct consulting service, in which we offer support in different areas such as Marketing, Financials, Business Coaching and Human Resources, all with the early-stage startup mindset (High-efficiency, low cost, and adaptable).

StartU is a marketplace of knowledge for starting entrepreneurs

On the other hand, for those who don’t need a consultant, we are designing The StartUp University, or how we like to call it StartU. This project will be available in early 2020 and will be a marketplace of knowledge for entrepreneurs to improve their strategies and find the tools needed to start a business.

Building a real community of entrepreneurs.

We consider ourselves entrepreneurs. But we believe in the Eric Ries’ definition of the entrepreneur:

“It's difficult to deliver a boutique fashion ecommerce site that showcases a compelling brand experience but also converts. Webify delivered just that.” Guthrie Ferguson, Brand Director

Therefore, as we build and scale our startup, we also want to share our knowledge and learn from entrepreneurs all over the world by creating a community to exchange ideas and wisdom. We will start with our social media channels, and our blog, but also we will build groups on different platforms to exchange knowledge.

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